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Here at PromoSEO, we are a specialist Instagram advertising agency and are capable of getting your product in front of the right people on this social networking site. Our team is dedicated to making sure that your campaign works for you, and we aim to do this by getting your ad out to the right people at the right time.

Instagram is one of the largest growing social media outlets on the web, with millions of people using the service each day. The potential for customers by using Instagram ads is massive, which is exactly why more and more businesses are exploring the possibilities of advertising on their site.

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Why Advertise on Instagram?

If you want to know why you should advertise on Instagram, the main reason is because companies are starting to advertise more with this social network is because the site is rapidly increasing in popularity. In addition to this, Instagram is becoming a place where people look to purchase products, allowing for massive potential for advertising campaigns. This means that companies are starting to take advantage of nearby potential customers by placing their ad on their news feeds and allowing them to reach out to their business by following them or contacting them.

Instagram ADs Benefits

One of the biggest Instagram ads benefits is the ability to create both photo and video avertisements for your service or product. This means that if your company's services would be better promoted in the form of a video insteas of a photo, you have the option to to do. This is an incredibly beneficial feature of Instagram advertising as it gives you the option to choose different ways to promote your product, potentially allowing for more exposure.

Instagram Advert Costs Near Me

The advert costs are highly dependent on several things, one being the length of time the advert runs for. Obviously an ad that is placed for 3 months is more likely to cost more than one placed for 3 weeks, so taking this into acocunt and considering the length of your advert is crucial. Additionally, the amount of clients you want the advertisement to be shown to is also a contributing factor, as promoting the content to more people will often lead to a pricier campaign. These are all factors that we can guide you through when looking to set up a local promotional campaign closest to you with us.

How to Advertise on Instragram

If you want to find out how to advertise on Instagram, then we suggest that you have a look at the points below:

1. Find a professional marketing company who specialise in this service

2. Explain to them about what you are wanting to achive and your target audience etc

3. Let them know your budget

4. Allow them time to create a unique plan for your company

5. Keep up to date with your social media engagement or let them explain it to you

6. Watch your marketing plan improve

Advertising on social media networks can be done by yourself, however it is not as simple as it might seem to someone who hasn't done it before. There are lots of factors to take into account to make sure that you are getting the most out of money which you're spending on advertisement costs. This is why we think it is necessary to to choose a business which specialises in marketing and have a variety of experince as they will know what to do to improve your plan.

When wondering how to advertise for the social network, it is important to remember that there are many things that must be considered before simply setting up a campaign and letting it run. Many businesses that promote their service on this social network have unsuccessful results due to the fact that they did not properly consider each the costs, timing and demographic to choose from. For these reasons, we believe that our Instagram advertising agency services are ideal for companies who are aiming to have their product promoted in their surrounding areas, but lack the time and experience required to set up an advert. If you're interested in using us for such services please make certain you fill in our contact box above and our advertising agency will help you with social media, Instagram ads and the process in full.

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